Building Career Confidence Through Public Speaking

Building Career Confidence Through Public Speaking

Members of Team Masterplan Marketing have all kinds of options for building their professional skill sets. Public speaking is one area we emphasize, because it plays a huge role in so many key career pursuits. We become better networkers and more effective advocates when we refine our presenting skills, especially when we keep the following key speaking strategies in mind:

• Practice Makes Better: Notice we didn’t say practice makes perfect. However, rehearsing a speech is the only way to achieve a more natural-sounding and relaxed presence at the podium. Practicing on video or in front of a mirror are especially useful methods when it comes to preparing for impressive presentations.

• Know Your Audience: This is vital, because you have to be able to tailor your remarks for those who will hear them. Whether we’re speaking to a large group or interacting with a single new contact, we make sure we do our homework. With some background info in mind, we can speak directly to our listeners’ interests and needs.

• Monitor Body Language: When we represent Masterplan Marketing onstage, we’re careful to use appropriate hand gestures and maintain confident postures. We stand straight and tall with our shoulders held back, both when we’re at the podium and when we build our networks. Doing so projects self-assurance and openness.

We apply these key concepts when we give speeches and interact with new people. For more of our best tips for lasting success, be sure to like Masterplan Marketing on Facebook.