Our Culture Is the Foundation of Our Success

Our Culture Is the Foundation of Our Success

Unity plays a vital role in the success of our company. When we’re working together, we achieve far more for Masterplan Marketing and the charities we represent.

We’ve gone beyond promoting teamwork and made it one of the values upon which our company culture is built. For example, when rewarding our team members for hitting milestones, we recognize what people have achieved by themselves, but make a special effort to honor those who support our company’s mission and goals as well.

Another way we create our Masterplan Marketing ethos of unity is to give our ambassadors chances to spend time together away from the office. Our travel program allows them to cross-train at other offices or attend industry events. Not only does this increase the power of our training program, but those who travel together get to know one another as people, not just coworkers. Lasting friendships are often the result.

More often, we get team members together for social events like bowling or laser tag. These team nights are a powerful tool for maintaining our culture of camaraderie, creating open channels of communication that transcend projects and even departments.

Our team-oriented office is one of our sharpest competitive edges, and we work to maintain the trust and transparency upon which effective teams are built. Find out more by following Masterplan Marketing on Twitter.