Dana Receives Well-Deserved Recognition

Dana Receives Well-Deserved Recognition

We’re happy to put Dana in the Masterplan Marketing spotlight this month. She’s shining as a member of our office, having been promoted to training manager in a remarkably short time. Joakim N., our firm’s President, explained, “Dana’s work ethic and successful mind-set make her an absolute asset to the team!”

Dana’s knack for setting clear goals that keep her motivated is a big reason for her success. She knows what she wants to achieve, which allows her to set concrete action steps from the outset. From there, it’s easier for her to measure her progress and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure success in the long term.

Her promotion to training manager is a reflection of Dana’s abilities as a coach. She’s accountable for her own objectives, but she’s just as committed to helping others improve their skill sets as well. Joakim has no doubt that Dana will thrive as a training manager because she’s so committed to constant improvement.

With Dana’s positive attributes, she’s an ideal role model for everyone on Team Masterplan Marketing. Putting her in a management role was an obvious choice because she backs up her strategic planning with focused action that inspires others.

We’re excited to have Dana on our team and look forward to watching her progress as a training manager. Keep up with her and all our top performers by following Masterplan Marketing on Twitter.