Make a Difference Without Spending a Dime

Make a Difference Without Spending a Dime

Supporting good causes is a big part of the Masterplan Marketing culture and we encourage you to make a stronger commitment to giving. Our leaders understand that not everyone can donate large amounts of money to charity, so we suggest the following cost-effective give back options.

Donating clothes is always a good way to make a positive impact, and it’s especially helpful during the winter months. To make a big difference in people’s lives with no cost and a little effort, set up a donation drive at your office. Your colleagues will be happy to help you support your community in a tangible way.

You can also use your frequent flier miles to help people far from where you live. The American Red Cross makes good use of donated miles, applying them to their own disaster relief efforts all over the world. Check your miles and see how much of an impact you and your company can make.

We at Masterplan Marketing also believe in using our skills to help people improve their lives, and we encourage you to do the same. Volunteer at schools and community organizations and share your business skills with students and people who need a helping hand. You might also volunteer your talents directly to nonprofits in your area, helping them advance their missions through administrative or creative work.

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