At Masterplan Marketing, Every Day Is Like Thanksgiving

At Masterplan Marketing, Every Day Is Like Thanksgiving

The fourth Thursday of November might be designated as Thanksgiving Day here in the States. However, at Masterplan Marketing, we like to take time each day of the year to be grateful for the blessings we enjoy. Here are some tips to incorporate daily gratitude into your workspace:

• Keep a Gratitude List: To be truly grateful, you should have a keen understanding of what you see as your accomplishments or blessings. Members of our Masterplan Marketing staff maintain a list of their reasons to be thankful. Each day they commit to adding to this list as further opportunities arise to reflect on what brings them happiness or satisfaction.

• Send a Thank-You Note: Recognize others’ value by taking time to say thank you in a beautiful handwritten thank you note. Our Masterplan Marketing team proposes that you be simple yet sincere in your gratitude, providing them specifics as to the reasons you hold them in regard. Select at least one person daily for this note.

• Surprise Someone With Appreciation: Extend your thanksgiving by inviting a colleague to lunch or even coffee. Simple gestures that underscore your appreciation can have a profound impact on others. Over time, it can encourage people to take similar action and pay forward their kindness.

Gratitude is something we often fail to remember as we engage in our hectic lives. Don’t reserve giving thanks for a singular day a year. Instead, make it a daily habit.