Masterplan Marketing Team Loves Attending Conferences

Masterplan Marketing Team Loves Attending Conferences

Our Masterplan Marketing team recently attended a massive industry event, and came back energized to make 2017 our biggest year yet. The 2016 Rally was held in San Diego, California. It presented a chance to reward all the hard work and effort that everyone has contributed over the year. Here’s a few reasons we think attending such events is so great for training:

• Learning: Attending a conference is a great learning opportunity. Most meetings have learning sessions, panel debates, and insightful speakers. There are plenty of possibilities to learn new trends and strategies for an industry or that you can apply to business in general.

• Networking: Masterplan Marketing team members love the chance to network with others in the industry, especially thought leaders. Sharing, talking with, and learning from others in the trade can lead to major insight and new opportunities.

• Building Content: In this age of social sharing, a conference offers an ideal chance to build content and share across social platforms. Not only can you be part of the discussion about the conference in real time, you build authority as an expert with others on your platform.

Our team from Masterplan Marketing had a great time at their latest conference. We are all excited to put into practice the new ideas they learned and follow up with the contacts they made.