PRESS RELEASE: Masterplan Marketing Spotlight Falls on Feras

PRESS RELEASE: Masterplan Marketing Spotlight Falls on Feras

SANTA ANA, CA – The President of Masterplan Marketing highlighted team member Feras for his exceptional work. He also outlined a few key elements of the company’s approach to leadership development.

“We’re always happy to recognize standout performers on Team Masterplan Marketing,” stated Joakim N., the company’s President. “Feras is one Team Leader who has been doing excellent work in recent weeks, so it’s my pleasure to put him in the spotlight. He’s a hard worker who is always striving to reach the top.”

Feras commented, “Building this team within our new community outreach campaign has been extremely exciting, as well as rewarding. The opportunity of going places we couldn’t before and taking full advantage of it has given me fuel to motivate my growing team. I’m looking forward to the day where our community outreach is used across the country and I can look back knowing that I started the first of its kind in the organization.”

Joakim added that Feras is excited to further his professional growth with Masterplan Marketing. The President noted, “Feras has taken full advantage of the many developmental options we provide. I have full confidence that he will continue sharpening his skills no matter how much he achieves in our industry.”

Masterplan Marketing’ President Discussed Essential Aspects of Leadership Development

The Masterplan Marketing leadership training system covers a wide range of key areas. Joakim remarked, “Our goal is to develop well-rounded leaders who can inspire people to follow their examples. That’s why we focus on a variety of behaviors and aptitudes.”

Networking is one crucial part of the firm’s leadership training approach. The President explained, “The more you stretch out of your comfort zone, the more confident you become. We see this effect in our team members as they add helpful contacts. Along with becoming more self-assured, the connections our event managers make through their networking efforts serve as invaluable sources of good career advice.”

Helping team members develop ownership mentalities also enables effective leadership development. Joakim commented, “With more autonomy to make decisions, our people feel empowered to take the reins of their professional journeys. The more they feel trusted to choose their own paths, the better equipped our team members are to take on leadership roles. We want our future frontrunners to be empowered from the earliest stages of their development, so we’re committed to giving them as much freedom as possible.”

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