Our Focus in February: Mentorship.

Our Focus in February: Mentorship.

We’ve always been big believers in mentorship around the Masterplan Marketing office. Our personalized coaching system is one of the main reasons we continue to thrive in a competitive industry. We put our incoming event managers in a position to succeed by matching them with experienced top performers who know the ins and outs of our operations. This February, we’re putting even more focus on mentorship, and why it’s such a vital ingredient in long-term success.

Our in-office mentors teach new members of Team Masterplan Marketing how important it is to ask questions. We want everyone on our crew to seek input from others as they work toward their career goals. There’s always something to learn, after all.

We also encourage our event managers to share their ideas and concerns from their earliest days with our firm. Our mentors stress the value of open dialogue and trust, making sure our newest hires are comfortable speaking up when necessary.

Perhaps the best thing our Masterplan Marketing mentors do is lead by example. Whatever they teach our incoming event managers, they make sure to back up their talk with actions. Doing so with a positive attitude is what makes our mentorship approach so effective.

We’re excited for what 2020 holds in store for our company. We know mentorship will play a major role in helping us reach our biggest goals for the year. For more on how we prime new hires for success, follow us on Newswire.