PRESS RELEASE: Masterplan Marketing Well Represented at Future Owners Meeting

PRESS RELEASE: Masterplan Marketing Well Represented at Future Owners Meeting

SANTA ANA, CA – Masterplan Marketing’ President discussed a recent networking event and the rewards it offered those who attended. He also highlighted a few underrated benefits of team travel events.

Travel events are some of the best developmental experiences for members of Team Masterplan Marketing. Joakim N., the firm’s President, stated, “We provide our event managers with many opportunities to expand their personal and professional horizons. A recent gathering in Tampa, Florida called the Future Owners Meeting offered significant benefits for our people’s career journeys. I took Josh, Mikey, Adam, Kyle, Foad, Lexi, and Marie along with me to the event. These standouts were selected because they show strong leadership mentalities in their everyday efforts.”

The Future Owners Meeting was focused on the development of people who will eventually run their own businesses. There was also a strong emphasis on the administrative side of the event-based outreach industry. During the course of the weekend-long function, there were dinners, several meetings, and a group barbecue.

“There were companies from all over the nation represented at the meeting,” Joakim added. “Not only that, some of our international colleagues from England and Canada also attended. This made the event an unmatched networking opportunity. Our Masterplan Marketing team members met with like-minded individuals while also refining their own leadership approaches. There are many different ways to effectively lead. The Future Owners Meeting gave our people exposure to every type of management our industry has to offer.”

Masterplan Marketing’ President Details a Few Overlooked Benefits of Team Travel

Enhanced team morale is one of the best outcomes of regular travel events. Joakim remarked, “Our people get to learn more about each other when they venture away from the Masterplan Marketing office together. There’s something about being in a new setting that allows team members to see the positive traits their colleagues bring to the table. Collaboration around our HQ always seems to be more spirited in the aftermath of a team outing.”

Professionals also develop stronger time management skills when they spend time together away from the home office. An event such as the Future Owners Meeting makes this benefit especially clear. Joakim added, “There were so many valuable ways for our people to use their time during this weekend gathering. By planning out their networking and learning efforts in advance, they made the most of the experience. The lessons they learned will pay off during busy days around Masterplan Marketing headquarters.”

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