PRESS RELEASE: Two Top Masterplan Marketing Performers Experience the U.K.

PRESS RELEASE: Two Top Masterplan Marketing Performers Experience the U.K.

SANTA ANA, CA – Masterplan Marketing’ President discussed Adam and Feras’ summer excursions to the United Kingdom and the benefits they gained. The travelers offered their most important takeaways from their summer abroad.

It was a memorable summer for two of Masterplan Marketing’ top event managers, as they spent time in several U.K. markets. Adam and Feras traveled to Reading, London, and Nottingham, gaining valuable insights and broadening their perspectives. Joakim N., the firm’s President, stated, “Adam and Feras are great leaders in and out of the office, and the skills they brought back with them have been major assets for our firm.”

Travel is an important part of the Masterplan Marketing culture. Adam and Feras showed the importance of exploring different markets this summer, gaining experience they wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else. They returned to the home office with sharpened leadership skills and improved communication abilities.

Adam and Feras also made the most of the networking opportunities their U.K. exploits offered. Joakim noted that the entire Masterplan Marketing team is better for the innovative tips and insights the two standout performers gathered while abroad. He also stated that the connections Adam and Feras made in the U.K. markets could lead to interesting ventures for the company in the future.

Adam and Feras Share Key Takeaways From Their Masterplan Marketing Travel Experiences

After spending much of the summer soaking up the sights, sounds, and business lessons of various U.K. markets, Adam and Feras had a lot to share with their colleagues. They were both motivated by their travels to elevate their performance and help their teammates do the same.

When asked what knowledge he acquired from his travel, Adam stated, “My biggest takeaway from this trip has just been the realization of what I want to do and how I want to do it. Seeing the level of detail, feeling the energy from a booming organization, and understanding the impact we can have with a common goal was inspiring to say the least.”

Feras added, “My biggest takeaway from our trip was being able to see people on the other side of the world who have been or are now in similar situations as myself and the people around me in the U.S. People over there are doing the same things and going through the same challenges as we are. Being exposed to these things helped me adjust my perspective on everyday life. I feel more confident in my abilities now knowing that so many others are building their careers in similar ways.”

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