Success at Masterplan Marketing Is Worth Sharing

Success at Masterplan Marketing Is Worth Sharing

Masterplan Marketing team member Callum has officially transitioned to Phoenix and is managing his own market. We asked our Managing Partner, Joakim, to share his views on Callum’s success story.

“Callum and I have worked closely together over the last year,” shared Joakim. “There’s no doubt in my mind that he will take this opportunity and become a massive success in this industry. A few things that really stand out for me and that make it a pleasure to work with Callum are his consistency in his actions, his combination of belief in himself and understanding that he can always get better, and his reliability in reaching out for support and help when he needs it.”

“Callum has tons of confidence in his own ability but is also the first person to ask for help or someone else’s opinion if in doubt. These traits are massive strengths and will come in handy as he steps into a whole new level of development with Masterplan Marketing.”

“After spending around 18 months in California, we are coming to the most exciting part of our journey as an organization. We’re getting ready to do what this business is all about – passing on the opportunity to other people and replicating the success we’ve had so far in different cities and countries. We are thrilled for our trainee managers who are going to Phoenix to run Masterplan Marketing with Callum, Yessica and Alyssa, as well as the administrators who have worked hard to make this a success. I have never felt more confident about the opening of a new office than I do in this situation.”

“We all have an ability to impact how other people feel, for good or bad, and Callum is one of those people who, through his energy, attracts others to him and makes them feel better about themselves. He has enough energy to share and still focus on making sure he’s giving it his 100 percent in every situation. As Ralph Marston once said, ‘Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It is leadership.’”